Here is a list of common questions that we get from our customers.

What makes your company different from others?

We offer a blended mix of technology services for small-medium sized business. We strive to serve as a one-stop shop for all of your IT needs. We provide hardware and software support as well as a full suite of web development products. We also have partnered with the top technology firms which enables us to find the absolute best solutions for you.


Do you build websites?

Yes, our team of experts can work with your company to design a website using the mobile first approach.  We possess the knowledge and skills to  design and build you a responsive site that renders on smart phone, tablets, laptops, and desktops.



Do you offer remote service?

Yes, we have the ability to quickly and easily connect to your laptop or desktop and fix any software issues.



Do you offer emergency same day service?


Yes, we can provide emergency same day service for small-to-medium sized businesses and home users.  Simply use the online scheduler to make an appointment.  If the time slot is not available, please call our office at (517) 618-7840.


Do you repair computers for home users?

Yes, in addition to repairing technology for small to medium sized businesses, we work on computers for home users as well.  And we charge a fraction of the cost when compared with other repair companies and chain stores.


What are contracted services?

Contracted services are services that we provide for a fixed period of time. The contract can be as short as 1 month or as long as 1 year. We can work with your organization to come on site as needed to resolve a wide range of technology issues.