Contracted Services

Many smaller companies have limited in-house IT capabilities, and that is where we can help. You can obtain IT expertise and support from us for a low hourly or monthly rate. Our contracted services fall into a category commonly referred to as “break/fix”. If something technology-related breaks, we can help fix IT. We can repair most hardware, soft ware, and website issues. You can schedule an appointment using the online scheduler or fill out the contact form. Below is a list of some of the areas that we can handle on a contracted or as-needed basis:

Hardware maintenance

Is there equipment that you need assistance with on a periodic basis?  Perhaps you need to install a new piece of equipment like a new hard drive or additional memory.  We can help maintain and keep your hardware in good working condition.


Do you need help moving equipment from one desk to another?  Or perhaps you are relocating to a different office?  We can help with a wide range of equipment moves and can help move hardware including workstations, servers, and network devices to name a few.

Software support

Do you need help installing a new piece of software or installing software updates on workstations or servers? Are you having trouble using Microsoft Word or Outlook? Or perhaps you need help creating a PowerPoint presentation or adding a formula to an Excel spreadsheet. We can help resolve a wide range of software problems including patch management, software utilization and other common software problems.

Website troubleshooting

Your website is one of your best digital assets. You have likely invested time and money to create a web presence for your organization. Let us help maintain and improve your website as needed. We can create a content schedule, review your SEO efforts as well as other content.


HBrennan Consulting can provide onsite training to individual staff members or a group.  Some examples of training include learning how to more effectively use Microsoft Office, create or modify PDF documents, organize email and much more.

Vendor Management

Does your business work with third party vendors like CDW, Dell, or Hewlett Packard? If so, we can help manage these relationships and translate some of the technical jargon so it makes better sense to you.

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